Basketball Captain

A captain 온라인카지노 in basketball is a person that is elected by fellow teammates to lead their team for the reason.

Responsibilities to the club and the team

  1. A good captain encourages teammates to aspire to the 16 leadership goals for all team members.
  2. A good captain is approachable.
  3. A good captain acts as a team sounding board, listens carefully, and in this role helps direct the thinking of teammates toward positive goals.
  4. A good captain takes special care to acknowledge the contributions of those on the bench.
  5. A good captain never shows favoritism or promotes cliques.
  6. A good captain must be at his or her best in the tough times.
  7. A good captain fosters the concept of “sharing the credit.”
  8. Whether the team is on a winning or losing streak, a good captain must demonstrate optimism and inspire hope.
  9. A good captain serves as a link between the coach and team.
  10. A good captain understands that a leader is still a team player.
  11. A good captain works as hard or harder than anyone on the team.
  12. A good captain conveys a belief in oneself and in one’s teammates.
  13. A good captain makes the effort to bond with every team member, including freshmen and sophomores and those with whom the captain has little in common.
  14. A good captain is trustworthy, and by consistently doing the right thing, regardless of the circumstances, fosters and atmosphere of trust.
  15. A good captain conveys the message that an atmosphere of trust does not mean acceptance of improper actions or behaviors by team members.
  16. A good captain observes all team rules, including those on drugs and alcohol.
  17. A good captain conveys the message that bullying or humiliating teammates damages team building and trust.
  18. The best captains are able to achieve an exalted form of leadership called “selfless ambition.” Great captains are able to direct their ambition and passion toward the success of the team, more than toward personal success.
  19. A good captain sets aside personal problems to show genuine concern for teammates in need of support.
  20. A good captain adheres to the highest standards of behavior, recognizing that misbehavior by an athlete can have a ripple effect and damage the athlete, sports program, school and family.
  21. Finally, a good captain sets the goal of doing such an excellent job that his or her captaincy serves as a model for future captains to follow.

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